Prudie Peepers Presents

Prudie Peepers Presents offers burlesque, drag, and variety events in Central Vermont. We produce events that are anti-racist, queer inclusive, and body positive. Check our Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming events or to send us a message!

Performance Opportunities:

Prudie Peepers Presents announces show themes for spring 2020. Events will be held in central Vermont (exact venues and dates are TBA). All acts must align with our values and be anti-racist, queer inclusive, and body positive. All shows are open to performers of all genders (or no gender) and are open to burlesque and drag performers, as well as singers, comics, and other variety acts.

Performers will be asked to prepare two acts based on the show theme. Variety performers may be asked to prepare one or acts based on the show theme, depending on the type of variety performance and the overall composition of the show. Pay is $50 for two acts and $25 for one act.

Spring Themes for 2020

  • She-roes: acts inspired by female super heroes
  • Strip it all Away: My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Theme
  • Draglesque: blurring the line between drag and burlesque

Please note: The following songs are not available for the My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend show: Heavy Boobs, I Go to the Zoo, Fit Hot Guys have Problems Too.

If you are interested in performing in one or more of these shows, please fill out the following form to let us know! These shows are open to new and experienced performers.

Act Submission Form: