Halloween with Beaux and Prudie!

Beaux and Prudie invite you to join them for a magical Halloween in Montpelier! The evening starts with a special showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Savoy Theater – costumes and audience participation are strongly encouraged and prop bags will be available at the door (suggested donation $5). This is an all ages showing, but please note the film is rated R so attendees under 17 will need an accompanying parent/guardian. You are welcome to bring your own props, but please no glitter, rice, confetti, toast, or water guns. Beaux and Prudie will award prizes for best costume and other assorted awards they will make up on the spot.

After the movie, we will keep things rolling with an after party at Sweet Melissa’s. Tickets to the movie will be available at the door or can be prepurchased HERE.

RSVP to our Facebook event so we know you’ll be coming!

Friday, October 26
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Savoy Theater, Montpelier
10:00 pm; Tickets $10

After Party at Sweet Melissa’s to follow

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