enjoys walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and unreasonably long words. His mother describes him as a man of mystery, the kind you would expect to see in a fedora and trench coat under a street lamp. His wife describes him as creepy. But in a good way. Trained as a scholar and thespian, Beaux now enjoys the glamorous life of a burlesque host – the glitter, the pasties, the sock garters – and is thrilled to share his excitement over each new act, along with new and useful vocabulary, with the audience. Some of Beaux’s favorite words include: Ecdysiast, obfuscate, and obstreperous.


is at least 68% anxious before every show, but she is learning to embrace the glitter and glamour of life on the burlesque stage. Her background as a tap dancer, church choir director, and preschool teacher did not fully provide the necessary skill set for hosting burlesque shows, but many friendly burlesque hosts and dancers have provided detailed tutorials to help her develop her skills. Prudie enjoys tutus, Doctor Who, singing, and hippos.
Beaux and Prudie are regular hosts with Green Mountain Cabaret in Burlington and can frequently be found gallivanting across drag and burlesque stages throughout Vermont